Non-Western Literature

Reading Journals for Satrapi


click on the journal question that intrigues you the most.
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  1. Compare and Contrast the role of religion in post-Shah Iran as opposed to the WWII era Egypt that we saw in Midaq Alley.   click to answer

  2. Describe and explain the role of women in a fundamentalist Islamic society, as least as presented here by Marjane Satrapi.  click to answer

  3. One of the themes of this work is the difference between idealism and reality – there are many characters in this work who have idealistic dreams and then have to face the sobering reality of what happens when the dream becomes reality. Explore at least one case where a character has to recognize the difference between idealism and reality and explain what they learn from the experience.  click to answer

  4. Explain, given the evidence in this work, why Islamic fundamentalists would see America and the Western Culture that it represents as the enemy. click to answer

  5. What went wrong with the revolution? After all, as the work begins, the revolution that Marjane’s parents and friends have been waiting years for is finally happening. So why are they eventually turned into the enemy instead of the heroes? Explain as best as you can.   click to answer

  6. Marjane Satrapi doesn’t explain why she chose to present this work as a graphic novel – using images as well as words to tell her story. Explain for her – what does she gain (or lose) by using this form of communication instead of just writing a more traditional novel?   click to answer