Non-Western Literature

Reading Journals for McCall Smith


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  1. Compare and Contrast the Africa depicted in Achebe’s Nigeria and McCall Smith’s Botswana. What could possibly explain the differences?   click to answer

  2. Alexander McCall Smith is a native of Zimbabwe who lived for years in Botswana, but now lives and teaches in Scotland. What might be his purpose in writing these novels of the No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency? What vision of Africa is McCall Smith trying to depict? Is it realistic?   click to answer

  3. If people like Precious and Mr. J.L.B. and the two orphans are the future of Africa (and we certainly get the sense in the novel that they are) rather than people like Oswald Ranta or projects like the German’s farm, then what is the future of Africa according to this novel? Explain as best as you can using evidence as it’s presented in the novel.   click to answer

  4. One reaction that many people have to the No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency books are that “they are just so nice – so calm.” Explore and explain if this is an honest evaluation of the books. After all, they are detective stories, right? That makes them about crime and bad things happening to people. How can they be positive, calm, nice, etc.?  click to answer

  5. Explain the meaning behind the title – the phrase isn’t mentioned at all until the very end of the book, and then it isn’t developed in any real detail. Show how the concept, at least as explained by Mma. Ramotswe, fits the cases investigated in the book (not just the missing American).   click to answer