Non-Western Literature

Reading Journals for Achebe


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  1. Family, and one's responsibility to the family, appear to be a major part of the Ibo tribal culture. Explain what the role and responsibilities are of a husband and wife, father and mother in this culture. How does it compare to what we've seen in our other readings, or even in our own culture?  click to answer

  2. Compare and contrast this novel's view of colonization and the disruption caused by European culture taking over a native culture with that shown in The Inhabited Woman. Explain the differences and the cause of those differences as completely as you can.   click to answer

  3. This novel was written by Achebe as Nigeria was gaining its independence from British rule after World War II. What message is he trying to send to his people and/or the former colonizers from Europe about his people and their culture? Explain as best as you can using examples from the text. click to answer

  4. The tribesmen of Umuofia are both fierce warriors AND farmers. Explain how both of these elements affect tribal life and the Ibo culture, especially as seen through Okonkwo's eyes. Feel free to compare and contrast to the warriors and farmers that we've seen in our earlier novels. click to answer

  5. Things Fall Apart is often described as a tragedy. According to the classical definition of a tragedy, the main characters has to have a tragic flaw that creates both his or her high status in their community and his or her ultimate downfall, if not death. Explain how and why this term fits Things Fall Apart and Okonkwo, making sure to identify what you think his tragic flaw is/was. click to answer