Non-Western Literature

Reading Journals for Su Tong


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  1. If you were able to find a video of the movie, please analyze the differences between the two versions and explain what the film version adds or subtracts from the written version.  click to answer

  2. Part of the context for this story is that it is occuring just before the Japanese invade and then the Communists take over. Thus, this is the last gasp of the old-style Chinese culture. Taken in that perspective, what is this novella saying about that older culture? Does Su Tong miss it? Is he rejecting it absolutely? Explain as best as you can.  click to answer

  3. Some critics have noted a homosexual/lesbian subtext to this work. If you have noticed it as well, explain where it is and how it affects the characters and their stories. What is Su Tong saying by including this element?  click to answer

  4. Compare and Contrast Lotus' relationships with Coral and Swallow. What do both of these relationships, especially given their endings, teach Lotus? How do they affect her final fate?  click to answer