Non-Western Literature

Reading Journals for Mishima


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  1. Mishima felt very strongly that Japan had lost its spirit and pride after World War II and that it needed to become a warrior nation again. In fact, he committed ritual suicide just like Shinji as a form of public protest. Explain how this political attitude is shown in this novella.   click to answer

  2. THESIS: Even given the reality shown above, "Patriotism" also functions as a love story. Agree or Disagree, citing evidence either way.   click to answer

  3. Some critics have claimed that this story is dangerous, as it gives what is ultimately a violent act a sensual aspect. Explain whether you agree with this assessment or not. Be sure to explain your answer as completely as possible.   click to answer

  4. Reiko is, in many ways, the focus of this work. What does this novella tell us about the way that an ultra-traditionalist like Mishima thinks that women should act? According to this story, what is the role of the woman in Japanese society?   click to answer