Non-Western Literature

Reading Journals for Duong, week 2


click on the journal question that intrigues you the most.
This will pull up a form for you to fill out responding to that journal.
  1. This novel has been censored in Vietnam. The government will not allow it to be published there. Why not? Explain as best as you can what is in this novel that the Vietnamese government would want to keep from the public.   click to answer

  2. Explain the meaning of the title. Why can't, or won't, Duong give the novel a name? What does not having a name imply about the book, its characters, its content? Back up your claim with evidence from the novel itself.   click to answer

  3. Explain, as best as you can, whether Quan's men kill the American at the end of the novel. The novel itself doesn't say specifically, so what do you think? Explain the evidence that supports your view, making sure that it's in keeping with the rest of the conclusion.   click to answer

  4. This is a war novel. What does it have to say about the typical war novel subjects of pride, nationalism, patriotism, courage, etc? Explain your answer as completely as possible. Does the writer's gender affect the tone or message of the novel? (remember that Duong was an active combatant in the Vietnam War).   click to answer