Non-Western Literature

Reading Journals for Duong, week 1


click on the journal question that intrigues you the most.
This will pull up a form for you to fill out responding to that journal.
  1. We are very familiar with the Vietnam War from the American perspective. This novel gives us the opportunity to see the war from the enemy's perspective. Explain how the first half of this novel affected your view on the Vietnam War experience.   click to answer

  2. This novel is written by a woman who supported the war effort and fought as an active combatant for many years. We see several different women acting several different ways along Quan's journey. According to this novel, what was the role of women on the Vietnamese side of the war?   click to answer

  3. Bien, Luong, and Quan were all friends from the same village before the war, but they are all at different levels of accomplishment by the beginning of this novel. What has caused these characters to have different careers? What is Duong saying about the fortunes of war or soldiers with these three? Explain as best as you can based on what we've seen so far.   click to answer

  4. According to the first half of the novel, why are the soldiers fighting? From what we learn from the various characters, why is this war going on? What is the expected outcome? Compare and contrast these various views to see what you can discover.   click to answer