Non-Western Literature

Reading Journals for Marquez


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  1. Explain what the "backward" chronology adds to the novel. Marquez made a deliberate decision to begin the novel, even title the novel, so that the reader knows that the death will occur. WHY? What does that do differently to the reader's expectations or reading of the story?answer

  2. Explain how Marquez is using this novel to satirize or criticize the stereotypical "macho" culture of many Latin American communities and cultures. answer

  3. Explain why Bayardo finally comes back to Angela. What is it that finally convinces him? Why can he come back then, and not before. answer

  4. Explain why Angela claims that Santiago took her virginity. Most of the internal evidence supports the claim that he did NOT actually do it, so why should Angela accuse him? answer

  5. Explain why nobody stopped the brothers from killing Santiago. True, several people tried, but nobody made sure that the brothers were stopped. The fact that it became a public event is key to the novel, but why did it happen that way? answer