Non-Western Literature

Paper #2: Africa/Middle East


For this paper, you need to trace an idea or theme that you have found working its way through the novels in this unit. The idea or theme should NOT be something present in only one work, but should be present in at least two of them.

Typical themes that are developed by students writing about these books include:

Whatever you choose to write about, you should make sure that you back up your claims with evidence from the readings. You are NOT expected to do any additional outside research, as this is only a 200 level class. I am interested in YOUR understanding and analysis of the idea and theme, not other critics' views.

Often, students will wish to write a paper indicating how the cultures shown in these works are different from the typical United States' culture. That is very appropriate, but is not required. It also does not need to be the entire focus of the paper, if you decide to go this route.

Be sure to take a look at the Example Paper given in this packet so that you have a sense of what we are looking for. This particular paper is from another literature class, but it shows the general tone and format that we are looking for.

This paper is expected to be the equivalent of 3-5 typed pages, so don't worry about running out of room. Develop your ideas as completely as possible.

BE ABSOLUTELY SURE THAT YOU USE QUOTATIONS AND SPECIFIC EXAMPLES FROM THE WORKS TO SUPPORT YOUR CLAIMS. However, do not overdo this or make the paper simply a set of plot summaries. Assume that your reader has read the works too, they just need a reminder of the specific details you are referencing.