Non-Western Literature
Final Project Assignment Sheet


For this final journal/project, you are going to come up with an overall theme or idea that you feel has been shown throughout the readings. This should be a theme that has changed or been dealt with in various ways by various authors, not something that has stayed the same. Typical themes are things like the role of women, diversity, religion, death, family, etc.

Your job is to come up with a way of presenting this theme, and its changing presentation through the different cultures and these works, in a bulletin board. Come up with a way to represent these ideas graphically, and then incorporate the works into that graphic representation.

For example, you could do a bulletin board about parent/child relationships and how it's depicted through the discipline process. You might show Mama hitting Tita with the wooden spoon, Okonkwo banishing his son for becoming a Christian, and Coral punishing Cloud's children for spying on her. In all three of these instances, the sins of the parents are being visited upon the children, and create situations that cause the children to reject the parent. This is a strong point that not everyone would see as being present in so many works.

The key to your topic and its presentation in this assignment is twofold: 1). It should represent a universal theme that cuts across the cultural barriers, but 2) it should also indicate the differences in how this universal theme is presented or played out in the works.

You should create a final project that first, explains your theme and how you would present it in the bulletin board. THEN write a description of what you think your bulletin board and its symbolism is saying about the theme and its connection to Non-Western Literature. It must use some form of symbolism or representation. You cannot simply post the author's names or pictures and be done. You MUST represent some bigger theme or idea that has been communicated throught these works.

You may submit this final project in hardcopy form to your instructor or use this online form.

You should use at least 5 of the works in your bulletin board. At least one work from each of the three credits should be used.

Please note that you are not actually creating the bulletin board or having to draw anything. You are simply describing what you WOULD do.