Non-Western Literature

Discussion Questions for Duong, week 2


These questions should be reviewed before reading the material, as well as after. Be prepared to answer these questions in class.
  1. Explain, as best as you can, Quan's relationship with Hoa. Did he really expect her to wait? Does he still expect her to wait? What are we to learn about the effects of the war from this part of the story?

  2. Explain, in your own words, what the two government officials' discussion on the train is about.

  3. Explain the symbolic significance of Huc's unit and their special assignment. Why is this assignment seen as needing to be kept secret from the majority of the population and the other soldiers?

  4. Soldiers in the later part of this novel are shown looting or destroying captured goods. This behavior would seem to be rather natural for soldiers, but Duong, through Quan, is clearly condemning it. Why? Explain as best as you can using the evidence from the novel.

  5. Explain the importance of Quan's discussion with Kha. What is it about? What meaning did you get from it?