American Literature

   Reading Journals for Poe  

Pick the question that you feel that you can answer the most completely.
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  1. Much is always made about how gruesome and gothic Poe was. These works show Poe as also being scientific, rational, and humorous. Explain why you think the general public only knows, or wants to know, such a limited view of a complex man.   answer this journal 
  2. Explain what separates Poe’s works from Irving's, which were labeled by Irving as "sketches," not complete stories. In what way are Poe's works short stories rather than sketches?   answer this journal

  3. Explain Poe's use of satire and criticism in his stories, whether towards romanticism, transcendentalism, or anything else.   answer this journal

  4. Identify, if you can, how Poe's own short fiction either does or does not meet his critical definition as he explains Hawthorne's stories. answer this journal