American Literature

   Reading Journals for Emerson 

Pick the question that you feel that you can answer the most completely.
There is no one question that is "better" than the other one

  1. Explain how Emerson's views of man's nature are a natural evolution of the ideas of "American-ness" that we've already seen in Crevecouer and Franklin   answer this journal 
  2. As near as you can tell from what you read, how are self-reliance and the transcendental view of nature related to one another? How can one be self-reliant AND part of the universal wholeness of the total of nature?   answer this journal 

  3. Emerson was trained as a minister, and yet deliberately chose to not preach in a specific organized religion (and basically created a secular religion). Explain how much or little you think that his views and philosophy are based on a Judeo-Christian belief system.   answer this journal 

  4. Compare and contrast Emerson's views with Franklin's in terms of goodness and morality. Is Emerson building on Franklin's doctrines? Would Franklin be able to be a good Transcendentalist?   answer this journal