American Literature

   Reading Journals for Crevecouer   

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  1. Explain, based on what he wrote in "What is an American," why Crevecouer would remain loyal to the Crown during the Revolutionary War, thus making him a Tory and causing him to lose his land and his fortune.    answer this journal 
  2.  Crevecouer goes into great detail about the distinctions between types of Americans, the sea people, the interior settlers, the frontier dwellers, the New Englanders, the Middle Colony farmers, etc. Explain, in as much detail as you can, what YOU think the most significant difference is today between types of Americans. Explain what the difference is, as well as WHY you think it exists, just as Crevecouer did.    answer this journal 

  3. Crevecouer seems to have an interesting relationship with the natives in that he clearly sees them as less than civilized white men, and yet he also is very clear that they are better than SOME white men. Explain, as best as you can, what might lead Crevecouer to these seemingly contradictory feelings.  answer this journal   

  4. Slavery was already a contentious issue by the time that Crevecouer wrote his letters, and yet only one of his letters dealt with the issue, and even then quickly (by the way, he did condemn the act). Why does Crevecouer, in trying to explain the mindset of this new breed of men in America completely ignore an issue that was even then a defining issue for this new country?  answer this journal