American Literature

   Reading Journals for Gilman/Chopin 

Pick the question that you feel that you can answer the most completely.
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  1.  Like Freeman and Canfield, Gilman and Chopin can be read as feminist writers who are trying to comment on the place of women in late 19th century American society. However, while Freeman and Canfield often come across as gentle or even a bit humorous in their criticism, Gilman and Chopin often come across as bitter and angry. Explain what it is in these authors' works that creates these different "moods." answer this journal 
  2. Both Chopin and Gilman were controversial writers, who sparked strong responses from their readers. Pick one (or do both if you want) and explain what in their writing would be so controversial. Feel free to also deal with whether it would still be controversial today and why or why not. answer this journal

  3. Compare and contrast Gilman’s view of women’s place in American society with our other women authors like Fern or Canfield or Freeman. Why is Gilman’s view so much more negative? What could have changed to make her see women as imprisoned as she does? Or is it really a change from how other authors have seen women’s roles? answer this journal

  4. These characters don’t do what is expected of them as “proper women.” Compare and Contrast how these authors deal with this conflict between the behavior expected of women at the turn of the century and how the women actually wanted to behave.   answer this journal

  5. What is so wrong about marriage, according to these authors? Are they condemning ALL marriage, or only certain kinds?   answer this journal