American Literature

   Reading Journals for Freeman/Canfield 

Pick the question that you feel that you can answer the most completely.
There is no one question that is "better" than the other one

  1. Are Freeman and/or Canfield writing positively about their characters or are they making fun of them? Are they presenting them to us so that we can share in her amusement over their antics, or are they trying to say something positive about their lives and dreams? Be sure to support your claim with evidence from the stories, and be sure to use at least TWO stories. answer this journal 
  2. Compare and contrast Freeman's and Canfield’s view of women's place and value in society with Fanny Fern's views shown in Ruth Hall. Give evidence to support your claims.  answer this journal

  3. What is the impression that we get of late 19th century marriage from these stories? How did husbands and wives view themselves and/or their roles in the marriage?  answer this journal

  4. Explain how Freeman's and/or Canfield’s work can be seen as a reaction to the de-humanizing aspects of the Industrial Revolution happening in the world around the writer and her readers. Show how works like this reflect the shift and change from a land of gentleman farmers to a land of factories and factory workers living in urban areas. answer this journal

  5.  Compare and contrast Aunt Mehetabel from “The Bedquilt” and Louisa Ellett from “A New England Nun.” Are they the same basic character, or are there significant differences?  answer this journal