American Literature

   Reading Journals for Native Leaders 

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  1. Compare and contrast Gertrude Bonnin (Zitkala-sa)'s story with Frederick Douglass'. How was her experience as a young Native American both similar and different from Douglass. Try to explain the significance and reason for the similarities and/or differences as best as you can.   answer this journal 
  2. Based on the Bonnin and Native Leaders’ readings, describe the reality of 19th century America for Native Americans. Remember that this is the age of industry for White America – unprecedented prosperity and forward momentum. America is on the verge of becoming an international power. How are things going for the original inhabitants based on what we read in this section?  answer this journal

  3. The Native leaders in this section all have complaints against the white man. As you read it, what are the primary complaints, and do the natives have a legitimate complaint?  answer this journal

  4. Explain the connection, as shown in these works, between the native people and nature. If you wish, feel free to compare and contrast with how the previous white authors (particularly the transcendentalists) viewed nature. answer this journal

  5. Based on what we read here, what was different about Gertrude Bonnin? Why was she able to "shake off" the training of the white man and retain both their education and her traditional Native American perspective?   answer this journal