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Information about Jon Hassler

"When We Don't Quite Fit: Novelist Jon Hassler's rich search for community"
This is a short review article from Sojourners magazine discussing Hassler's use of faith and depth of characterization
"Feeling Minnesota: The literature of Jon Hassler"
This article from a University of Minnesota newspaper discusses Hassler's writing style and includes several good quotes from Hassler himself
"The Loves of His Life"
This is a review from the New York Times of Hassler's 1990 novel North of Hope, written by Richard Russo, who just recently won the Pulitzer Prize for fiction. Russo makes clear his admiration for Hassler's writing style and depth of characterization.
Reviews for "Keepsakes and Other Stories"
This doesn't have as much information as the above articles, but it does give some good background information about Hassler.