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 American Literature

Final Project Example: Violence

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Violence comes in many forms....slow and subtle..to quick and cruel. There is also a wide variety of motives ranging from good intentions to cold calculation. I have noticed the violence in the readings in this class. Although they are not always concentrated on, I think violence stands out.

If you compare today's readings to the past, the violence remains a constant but we have added hundreds of new varieties. My bulletin board would portray the violence/deaths in this manner.....

  • I would have a picture of an iron candlestick representing the accumalated rage resulting from prejudice of Lutie...
  • There would be a pair of hands belonging to both Boots and Jones which would represent the weapon they would use to help with the rape of Lutie.
  • There would be a green gun to represent the shooting of Marie and Emil by a JEALOUS husband.
  • There would be a knife to represent the death of "Thomas Driscoll's uncle" , on this knife would be a bill to reflect on the reason for the death.
  • I would show vanity and perfection in a pill bottle to represent the death in The Birthmark.

My theory is simple, people kill for all reasons. Today the violence continues to get more creative and motives continue to get more complicated.