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 American Literature

Final Project Example: Struggle for Success

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Struggle for Success

If I were to pick a theme that I have seen throughout the novels it would be the struggle for success. Almost all of the books we have read have portrayed a character or characters struggling to achieve success, whether in ideaology of materialism.

On my bulletin board I would show, first of all, Ben Franklin. He was in constant struggle to be successful. I would picture because he shows the ideal American, the rags to riches story.

Next I would put Frederick Douglass on it, giving an inspirational speech to a huge crowd. His struggle for success was in idealology. He had a dream, that all slaves would be freed. He worked hard to help achieve this success.

I would then put a young girl working on the farm to symbolize the struggle seen in O Pioneers. Her struggle was in making the farm a success.

I would then use another woman symbolizing Ruth Hall and Lutie Johnson. They both had very materialistic goals of success, but they represent the struggle of women in history.

Last I would put a middle aged man, representing Miles, to show the struggle of an average man, trying to obtain success by making a difference in the lives of other people.

My bulletin board would symbolize all the different types of struggles through out history: slavery, women's, pioneers, and average, every day struggles. American Lit portrays real people and real struggles. The theme, running throughout all the novels we read, was a constant struggle for success. Success to every different person in every different generation is different. Some are more materialistic, some are idealistic. Every American struggles, and because of this, it a very common theme seen throughout American Literature.