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 American Literature

Final Project Example: Miscommunication

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I have chosen miscommunication for this project. There is some for of miscommunication in every book. I have chosen the five miscommunications that I think are the most evident in the books that we have read.

In "The Tell- Tale Heart," there is such a communication barrier that the main character kills "the old man". In "Self-Reliance," Emerson talks about how he you need to pay your attention to yourself and your life and listen less what other people think. That is more or less a major miscommunication with society. Ruth and Harry are having some communication problem with each other and Harry's parents in Ruth Hall. When we first see Mr. Wilson he was not communicating with the town's people when he made the "half a dog" comment. In "Revolt of Mother," Father plans a barn and plans for cows without Mother even knowing.

If I were to make a bulletin board I would first put in a picture of the evil eye of the old man sleeping in "The Tell Tale Heart". Then I would have a picture of a man on away from a large crowd of people to symbolize "Self-Reliance." Ruth would need to be a solemn woman in, perhaps, a rocking chair with a woman nagging at her and a man out side the door looking grim and annoyed while an older man directs field-workers. Two halves of a dog would be running in different directions while a regretful Pudd'nhead Wilson looks about in horror as the people of the town laugh at him. Finally, I think that in "Revolt of Mother," the picture would be just as I pictured the first two pages of the reading; Father leaves with the wagon as Mother yells inquisitively after him. Workers dig in the background.