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 American Literature

Final Project Example: Individual Struggle

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Individual Struggle

Throughout the many stories that we've read, characters have struggled with a variety of problems. If I were to make a bulletin board representing the different characters and their contrasting problems, I would begin with the book Staggerford.

I would make a wish scroll with Miles gazing at it. Inside the wish scroll I would have all of Miles aspirations and wishes along with everyone else's. This would represent all struggles that come about with living in a small town, and all the wishes that are wanted.

For the book Ruth Hall, I would have a simple house in the country with beautiful things all around. It would show Fanny Fern, her husband and her daughter only. This would represent the kind of life that Fanny wants for herself without her people critizing her every move. She struggles her whole life to try and gain respect from her father, her brother, her mother-in-law, and from society in general.

For the book O'Pioneers, I would simply show a worn down house on the wild frontier and then I would show different pictures of how the house and the land progressed throughout the years. This would represent the struggles that Alexandra and her brothers went through before they reached the prosperity that they later acquired.

For the book The Street, I would show a picture of Lutie and Bub in their worn down apartment. Then I would have a bubble that showed Lutie's dreams for herself and her son;Her son dressed in nice clothes and with both of them having money. The worn down apartment would represent Lutie's struggle with trying to live with what society handed her. The bubble would represent her struggles that she hoped to overcome in order to give Bub a better life.

For the last book Frederick Douglass, I would show a poor little black boy progressing into a brave man over the years. His struggle for freedom would be shown through his eyes, his body, and his soul. His eyes would be tired, but would have the look of defeat for when he finally became a free man. His body would be slouched and have many scars for all the torture he went through, but he would be dressed in nice clothes(the clothes he bought) from when he became a free man. And his soul would be shown through his writings. Writings of how he lived with torture and how he got on the road to freedom. All the bad times are expressed as well as all the happy times that come when freedom is finally reality.

My bulletin board represents a variety of people throughout history facing a variety of struggles. Some struggles aren't as complicated as others, but all are important because they are all what people had to and have to go through. Everyone has their own problems and their own struggles, so every problem is important because it is each individual's own journey. My bulletin board represents a variety of different struggles with a variety of different outcomes. For instance in the book Staggerford, the struggle with living in a small town ended for Miles when he was killed abruptly. In contrast, the struggles that Frederick went through were overcome when he became free, although he'll always have memories. In O'Pioneers, many struggles were encountered from many different characters. Alexandra's struggle ended in luxury and some happiness. On the other hand, Emil's struggles with Marie ended in his own death. So as you can see, every character and person struggles, and there are always different outcomes that take place.

Struggles in society take place during all time periods. There's not much preventing that can be done unless we learn from other's mistakes. Realizing that everyone will struggle and that no one person's problems are more important than another's, we'll hopefully be able to help each other out and be more outspoken.

All of these stories show struggles between other people and their surroundings. They also show that struggling is a normal part of life in any time period. There's no way around it, we just have to work through it and hope that we actually live through it.