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 American Literature

Final Project Example: Hardship

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Every one experiences hardships in their lives. For the purpose of the final project these hardships are represented by chain links. Imagine a picture of five interlocked chain links. In each link is a picture from american literature. Today I will use attempt to use your imagination to fill these links between works.

Picture in the first link a little boy so terrified and horror stricken hiding in a closet as he watches helplessly as his aunt is beaten with a cowhide. This terrible scene depicts the life of Frederick Douglas. He experienced many little hardships through out his life, but the rout of them all was the same, slavery. When I first thought of my theme hardships Douglass stories was the first to come to mind. He lived through so many hard times, each experience testing his spirit. Douglass learned to rise to challenges even if that meant taking a risk. Douglass took the biggest risk a slave could take as he stood up to Mr. Covey, but in Frederick's mind he had to start to stand up for what he believed. Douglass overcame the restraints of slavery but his hardship continued as he watched his fellow man continue to be servants of the whip.

The second link has a scene from Puddnhead Wilson. It is of a black nanny switching her baby with her masters child. At first you may think what was the hardship of Roxy? Roxy also suffered hardships due to slavery, but her ultimate hardship was living with her lie of love. Because of her choice of action she was sentenced to live with the guilt of knowing she was to blame for her suffering. In the end she was betrayed by the one person she hoped would save her, her true son. His love for her proved to be non-existent as her sold her down the river. Her love for her son became her downfall.

The scene depicted in the third link is a seen from OPioneers. The sun is setting on a family farm, but instead of a family all that is seen is Alexandra. Her hardships arose as a result of her fathers dying wishes. Alexandras hardship is dealing with the responsibility of running the farm, and the loneliness that comes with responsibility. All Alexandra wants to do is take care of the land the best way she could, but her efforts create doubt between her and her brothers. Due to these differences, and the changes in family the farm is divided among the three. This leaves Alexandra more alone than ever before. It takes the great loss of her brother and her good friend Marie to change her life. Even though she lost two people she deeply loved it brought her and Carl together, which was all she really needed, to be loved.

The next link is a picture of Ruth Hall writing a newspaper article, while Miles is walking down the small town street looking confused. This two characters share similar hardships, Ruth is struggling to become self reliant and Miles is struggling to realize his direction and self worth in life. Ruth has to struggle to prove her self as a female in a male dominated field. Not Helping her situation was the in laws. They did everything they practically could to have Ruth fail at writing and then when she did succeed they took part of the credit. Miles on the other hand is trying to figure out what life has to offer him, as far as relationships, and career. In their own way they are both struggling to find meaning and strength, and without meaning in you life day to day experiences are hardships within themselves.

Hardships have no bounds they are not sexist, racist, or prejudice. People experience hardships everyday, sometimes they even become the theme of our lives. This is why I chose hardships for my final project because everyone can relate. This gives you the opportunity to use the last link of the chain for you. Every great book has hardships, so write you own chapter, and fill in your own link.