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 American Literature

Final Project Example: Portrayal of Death

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Portrayal of Death

My theme for the final project is death. I am representing how death was portrayed in five works: The Street, Dickinson poems, Poe's "Tell Tale Heart", Ruth Hall, and Staggerford.

To start off, I would have a picture of a joker or a clown holding a balloon with the word DEATH in the middle to show how Dickinson hides death with more cheerfull words. A way of celebrating death not just mourning it.

Next, I would have Ruth Hall put in a corner fighting with the old lady, over Harry's grave. Representing that Harry's death was not much of a significance to his mother, cause she still fought to get his kids from their mother.

I also found that Miles from Staggerford fit very nice in the other corner cause no one really paid attention to his, in aspects of morning. Everyone went back to doing what they did best, playing or going to school. I would have Miles laying on the ground shot in the head, and others playing jump rope or going to school, basically going on with their business.

In The Street, Lutie does not die physically but she kinds of loses her soul, due to all the disappointments and being raped. I would have a picture of a ghost flying around with the sentence "Can't find myself". She also loses a big part of herself, her son, and to me that would be considered a death of soul or character.

Another kind of death I portrayed is a heart pounding around the page getting bigger as it goes(representing the pounding getting louder)." The Tell Tale Heart" from Poe describes a kind of comical death, in that the man that died is trying to get at the killers conscience by his heart pounding, so that only he can hear it. Later it does, so you would see a man screaming as he was running away from the heart.

The significance to these five books is that death is not always portrayed with a funeral, lots of sad and morning people. It's sometimes portrayed as a comical thing or with different aspects.