Writing & Research

Summary Readings


Here is the link to the article that you need to read for the summary lecture/information sheet:

Chrome, Schrome. Truckers Are All About Mileage Now
This is an article from the Los Angeles Times dealing with the effect of higher diesel prices on truckers and the trucking industry. if you are printing it, be sure to click on the print link so that it uses less paper and ink. (this used to be titled "Keep on Truckin? -- but the newspaper changed the name of the article for some reason)

You also need to review the following articles so that you can choose ONE to summarize for your Summary #1 assignment.

10 Thing You Should Know About Gas Prices
This article is from the MSN website

What Affects the Price of Gasoline at the Pump?
This article is from the Department of Energy's Energy Information Administration division. There is also a link on the page for a pdf version, which will give you specific pages to cite from later.

Rising Gas Prices Drive Search for Savings
This article is from the website. This is NOT the same organization that publishes Consumer Reports magazine.

Remember to pick only ONE to summarize.