ENGL 102
Writing and Research
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These are “fringe” or controversial subjects. These are subjects questioned by traditional authorities, but which still have many people who believe very strongly in them. The idea is for you to review ALL sides of this issue and write a paper in which you assess what evidence is the most convincing.

Be very careful. If all of your sources are in favor, or all are against the topic, you haven’t researched well enough. Also remember that we expect to see professional/academic level sources from academic/professional journals/books/websites as much as possible, since this is an academci paper. Simply listing the top 20 matches from a Google search is NOT ACCEPTABLE for academic research.

You are NOT limited to these topics. You do NOT have to write about one of these topics. This is simply a starting point -- examples for those students who have difficulty choosing a topic. (please note that these are relatively broad topics, as they should be at the beginning of a research project)

Repressed memory/false memory syndrome


Multiple Personality Disorder

Birth Order



Crop Circles

Cold Fusion

Wicca as a religion

HAARP as mind control

Remote Viewing

JFK assassination conspiracy

Flat Earth

Knights Templar


The Bell Curve (blacks as inferior)




Area 51


Spontaneous Human Combustion

Gas pills


Loch Ness Monster

Perpetual Motion Machines

MLK Assassination conspiracy

The October Surprise



Tri-Lateral Commission

Intelligence Testing

Psychic Healing

Crystal Healing

Jim Morrison still alive

Human Cloning in Korea

Elvis still alive

Ruby Ridge

Waco and David Koresh

Oklahoma City Bombing conspiracy

9/11 conspiracies

Yeti / Abominable Snowman

Henry Lee Lucas (serial killer)

Cattle mutilations

Backwards Messages in music

Paul is Dead

ANWAR oil drilling

Indigo Children