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Links to web based material chosen by Librarians
Most of the results on are their own articles - check the credentials of the authors!
Beaucoup is a directory of search engines. Don't search your topic when you go here - Click on the categories appropriate to your topic to find a list of additional search tools.
a set of links to various Governmnet agencies - why use an articles claims about federal statistics when you can get them yourself from the actual agency and make sure that they are the most current?
Specialized Search Engines list
this is a list from San Diego State University Department of Education.
The most popular for a reason, but remember that it ranks based on popularity, not on academic credibility.
Google Scholar
This ranks based on academic credibility, but the top listed are the most cited, so they are older. Limit by year is helpful.
This is a science focused search engine. If you are researching a scientific or medical topic, this will get you MUCH more focused results than a standard search engine like Google or Teoma.
a less well-known search engine that uses a different ranking algorithm than Google. Worth a look.
a meta-search engine that clusters its results a bit differently. worth a try.
Thomas (Library of Congress)
a search engine of legistlation in Congress - find out what is actually being debaated or discussed, not just what potentially biased news sources tell you is being discussed.
a "transparent search engine" that shows you exactly how and why it ranked the pages in its results. They don't seem to be hitting a lot of academic level information (yet), but it's an interesting approach to search.
email your instructor
for database passwords
The CCC Library Resource Center Page on WebCentral
this is a direct link to the resource center page. It contains links to the databases listed below, as well as other resources that you want to use. You will need to be logged into WebCentral to access this page.
This gives you access to the WilsonWeb Omnifile database among other resources. If you are on a CCC computer network (including wireless), no password is needed. This is provided to students by the Nebraska Library Commission.
This is actually a collection of over a dozen different databases. Once you've logged in, you'll need to pick which ones best fit your topic and research focus. Then you will be taken to the search page. This is provided to current CCC students by Central Community College.
ProQuest Nursing & Allied Health
This is our newest database which, as the name implies, is primarily focused on medical related materials, but don't let that stop you from using it. Almost every issue has some sort of health related connection that may make it show up here. In addition, this database also included videos and other non-print materials that set it apart from the other academic databases.
This is a database free to the general public that focuses on articles that are available for free on the Internet. There can be a focus on professional and industrial sources, but the results are not usually all that academic. So beware! This free resource does NOT replace using one of the academic databases listed above.
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