ENGL 102
Writing and Research
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A proposal is an extremely useful document to create at an early point in the research process. It is a way of both taking stock of what you've discovered about your topic and determining what still needs to be done. The proposal that you create for this class will consist of AT LEAST the following items:

Example: What is the reason for the popularity of assisted suicide? Or What are the childhood traits/tendencies that point towards someone growing up to be a serial killer?

Notice that the question is very specific, not generic. The research question should be specific to your paper, not simply restating your sources’ theses.

Simply fill out and submit the form found on the website or in your packet. This is a pass/fail assignment, and, quite frankly, it’s more to benefit YOU as the writer than it is me as the instructor. These are the sort of questions that you should always be asking yourself before you write any sort of academic/professional research based paper.