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Obedience to Authority Readings


Here are the links to the article that you need to read for the Obedience to Authority Synthesis Essay:

Obedience To Authority Readings
Additional Readings NOT in the text
Online versions of the textbook readings
Readings on Phoebe Prince
Articles on the Kentucky McDonald's case:
A Hoax Most Cruel (long version)
Solomon Asch Readings:
Opinions and Social Pressure
School-Bullied to Death
by Mary Elizabeth Williams
from Salon, an online magazine
Critique of Milgram:
Nissani's Cognitive Reinterpretation
Stanley Milgram Readings:
Online version of Perils of Obedience
More readable version of article
Could Anyone Have Saved Phoebe Prince?
Suicide in South Hadley
Two articles by Emily Bazelton
from the online magazine Slate
Haslam Reading:
The Psychology of Tyranny
Critiques of Milgram:
Baumrind's Thoughts on Ethics of Research
Nissani's Cognitive Reinterpretation
Link to a series of articles on the case from the Boston Globe, a local newspaper
Abu Ghraib Readings:
Shock, Outrage Over Prison Photos
Zimbardo Readings:
The Mind is a Powerful Jailer
Link to a series of articles on the case from the Boston Herald, the other local newspaper
Psychology's Response to Abu Ghraib Readings:
Could Abu Ghriab Happen Again?
How Can the Science of Human Behavior Help Us Understand Abu Ghraib?
Fromm Reading:
Disobedience as a Psychological and Moral Problem

Youtube Links:
videos about Phoebe Prince

Kate Miller-Heidke's song "Caught in the Crowd"
lyrics to the song

The official Stanford Prison Experiment website

Article from, website of Wired magazine with an interview of Zimbardo about Abu Ghraib and a slideshow of the pictures.
Be warned - there are more pictures here than were originally released and many are VERY graphic and disturbing in nature. DO NOT watch the slideshow if you question your ability to handle the content OR if you are using a computer in a controlled environment like a school or workplace that does not allow graphic content