English Composition I
Student Persuasive Essay #3


Year-Round School

No Summer Break?

Year-round school is the answer to all of our problems. No summer break? I know that you are all thinking it’s crazy not to want a three month vacation. Every student counts down the days to the beloved summer break; some even start on the first day of school. Why would anybody want to give it up? The answer is a trick, you’re not really giving it up, you are just splitting it up!

Keeping a students attention for nine straight months is a hard task. It is especially hard when teachers constantly slam homework down their throats. Students get so burnt out by everyday school. They are more concerned with just getting through the year than really learning. Some even take days off of school because it begins to be too much. In year-round school you don’t have to worry about making it through the whole year. You only have to worry about making it through forty-five days. Students are happier with the short term waiting. Since they are happier in school, they are more likely to have higher attendance (Elsberry 1992).

Three months of not learning is too long. Most students can’t remember what they did last week, let alone remember what they learned three months ago. On average, 73% of middle and high school teachers spend the first quarter of school reviewing what the students already know (Stenvall 1997). Students have more time to actually learn in year-round schools because there is little need for review.

How many days of your summer break do you actually do something fun? There is a limited amount of things you can do when you are a child. You end up doing the same things day after day. Eventually you do not enjoy them as much anymore. In year-round school your vacations can be action packed because you have only twenty days to fill.

A lot of families only take vacations in the summer, because parents don’t want to pull their kids out of school. In year-round school, you have four great opportunities to take vacations (Shields 1996). You get to take a more variety of vacations, because not every vacation can be about going to the beach or a theme park. Some of the best vacations are seasonal. You can’t exactly go snow skiing in the middle of the summer. Having different times to take vacations is also good for your parents. Everybody takes vacations in the summer, so it is sometimes hard to get off of work. If you took a vacation in an “off time”, there would be a better chance that your parents would be able to get off of work.

Year-round schools are definitely a good thing. They promote learning, make it easier for students to “bear with school”, vacations are more enjoyable, and most of all, vacations are more frequent. Can you really ask for anything more?


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