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This is the actual essay assignment. The information sheet explaining the type of essay is here.

Everybody has at least one thing that they know how to do better than anyone else. Whether it be at work, at home, or for a hobby, everybody is an expert in something. This essay will allow you to show off your personal expertise.

For this essay, your subject should be something that you do in a very specific way that other people do or could do in a different way. Maybe you have a specific, highly efficient method for washing dishes. Or maybe you are a master golfer who has a specific swing that works better than other golfers' swings. Or quite possibly you are the only person who can get a machine at work to work the way it is supposed to work. For this assignment, it really doesn't matter what process you are explaining, as long as it is YOUR process, and you are able to explain WHY you do it the way you do.

To produce an acceptable process essay, the writer should:
-- use grammatically appropriate sentence structures
-- Organize the essay according to the steps of the process
-- Use appropriate paragraph breaks to control the flow of information
-- Use transitions both within and between the paragraphs
-- Develop and explain the essay content completely
-- Communicate a clear and specific purpose to an audience

You will have three options for this assignment, depending on which one works best for you:

Option 1: Traditional

Write a process essay explaining how to do something within the context of the classroom. How to write an essay for a picky teacher, or how to prepare the room for anatomy lab. This should be a subject that you can see an instructor assigning . It should also be a subject that can be done several different ways. Your job is to explain to us the right way.

Option 2: Business

For this option, your boss has noticed that you do something at work better than anybody else. You have a particular method that you use to close the store, or clean the greasetrap, or increase sales. She has asked you to write your particular method down so that it can be incorporated into the training manual.

Remember that you will NOT be there to actually train the new employees in your method, or to answer their questions. You have to sell the process to them. You have to explain it in such detail that they understand why they should use your method, and not somebody else’s.

Option 3: Fun

Pick an interesting topic that nobody else would ever think to write about. Look for a pet peeve. Something that if other people do it “wrong,” it just drives you crazy. You have to care about the process and how it should be done in order to be able to successfully write about it. One student wrote an essay about how to properly pick your nose. It was gross to most of his audience, but he really did feel passionately about the subject, that there was a right and wrong way to pick your nose. That ultimately made it a more successful essay.

Anything that you know how to do that other people might want to know is an acceptable topic.

The essay itself should include a step by step guide to how to accomplish the process itself. Be careful though. You are not writing an instruction manual. The step by step guide is NOT enough for a complete process essay.