English Composition I

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Look over the essays in the portfolio to be assessed, going from first to last. Evaluate the essay and the comments on the essays After you have gone over the portfolio's contents, fill out this form as objectively as possible. Please answer the questions in the order that they are asked (several of them build on each other). When finished, simply click on the submit button at the end. You MUST answer all of the questions before you can submit the form.

1) What has improved in the author's writing skills? How much has it improved?


2) What areas of the author's writing still need improvement? Have they improved from the first essays, or have they consistently remained a problem?


3) What are this author's strengths? What essay(s) particularly show this/these strengths?


4) Which essay is the author's strongest and why? Be as specific as you can.


5) Which essay is the author's weakest and why? Be as specific as you can.


6) Has the author met the requirements of each essay's assignment? For example, is the comparison/contrast a good comparison/contrast or a weak definition essay? How well has the author shown his/her ability to write different styles of essays? Please use specific essays to support your answer.


7) Do the later essays show more of an informational presentation rather than a personal story approach? Use specific essays to support your answer.


8) Does the author's use of grammar and mechanics improve? What areas remain a problem?


9) How successful is the author at logical organization and paragraphing? Use examples to support your claim.


10) Please rate the overall level of acheivement of the author of this portfolio using the following levels:

11) Add any additional comments, if necessary, in the box below:

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