English Composition I

Additional Readings: Persuasive

Remember that these are supposed to be arguing or presenting a point. We aren't looking for who is right on this issue -- we are evaluating how they present their information.
Texting While Driving: How Dangerous Is it page 1
Texting while Driving: How Dangerous Is It? page 2
Texting While Driving: How Dangerous Is It? PDF version for printing
This article from Car and Driver magazine looks at their own investigation into what happens when people text while driving. If you are going to print, use the link for the pdf version, as the website links print a lot of extra useless pages.

2 Txt or Not 2 Txt: That's the Gr8 Deb8
This article is from a British newspaper reviewing a book written by an expert on language and his views on whether texting is destroying our language or not.

Textual Misconduct
an article from online magazine Slate that deals with the legal consequences of "sexting"