English Composition I

Additional Readings: Definition

Pyramid Schemes, Ponzi Schemes, and Related Frauds
This webpage does a very detailed job of defining pyramid schemes, you know, those emails that claim that you can make a million dollars just by emailing 6 other people. Use this link to educate yourself, and send others to this link as well. The more people who understand how this works, the fewer people will be hurt by these manipulators.
What is Distance Education?
This definition is especially significant in my classrooms, as almost every class that I teach has some distance learning component to it.
What is Evolution?
Interesting, if a bit specific, essay discussing the various ways that evolution has been, and is being, defined. What I especially like about this essay is that it tries to explain how unclear definition of the term is part of what continues to cause difficulty in discussing the very idea of evolution.
This short definition introduces you to the concept of McDonaldization, a concept that has supported at least two complete books, numerous websites, and several academic careers so far.