English Composition I

Links for Website Critical Analysis Exercise


Before the next class session, your assignment is to visit all of these websites, and using the critical analysis approach presented in class, evaluate these sources. Come to the next class ready to discuss/debate whether or not you feel that these are legitimate, usable sources for an academic/professional paper.

DiHydrogen Monoxide
Mind Control
Autism and Vaccines
Project MKULTRA News article

Project MKUltra PDF file

Project MKUltra file as HTML if PDF does not work

Aluminum Foil Deflector webpage

Info page about credibitility tests from AFDB website

Mindflex article

K.N.O.W. - The Autism-Vaccine Connection

Atuisms and MMR Research

Vaccine Safety

ALL of these pages rank high (first two pages of results - most first page) in a standard one or two word Google search of a typical research paper style search.

Read through these sites carefully. Click on the links. See what the homepages tell you about who sponsors them. See how and why you would find them believable. Identify the author's credentials.

Come to class ready to debate. All of these were picked because they show up high in Google searches and they all LOOK like legitimate sites. But are they? That's what we will decide in class.