English Composition I

Additional Readings: Compare/Contrast

Ebooks versus Print Books
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This is a graphic from the 9 Aug. 2010 issue of Newsweek about the growing competition between Ebooks and traditional print books.

Deal or No Deal? Comparing Dollar Stores to Wal-mart & Others
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This is from a weblog, so it's a bit more informal, personal writing than the NY Times article listed above. Be sure to click on the Print-friendly version - if you try to print the original version, you will get many, many pages of additional comments as well.

How Green Is My iPad?
This article is from the New York Times on whether books or e-readers are more environmentally friendly. This essay uses formatting and graphics in an interesting way.

Coffee Talk
Here's the link to the single page version.
This article looks at first like a division essay, but it is using criteria pretty strongly. We'll discuss in class which type of essay it really is.